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From 20 years of expertise in fiber technology, Lea Photonics offers a full range of telecom industry fiber amplifiers.

The product line includes some of the smallet footprint Erbium doped fiber amplifiers in the market. Lea Photonics proposes also fast transient, C or/and L bands, backward and forward Raman amplifiers and high power multiport output amplifiers. All these amplifiers are coming in advanced platforms with SNMP protocol. In term of quality, all Lea Photonics fiber amplifiers are made in France, where quality is checked several time during the manufacturing process.

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Lea Photonics laser sources are compact, powerful, air cooled and easy to integrate into a medical or a cosmetic equipment.

Erbium laser at 1.5 μm and Thulium lasers at 2.0 μm have been developed to best serve new medical and cosmetics applications as well as to replace existing laser source for more conventional applications.

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Lea Photonics is offering unique laser sources for various application from semi-conductor manufacturing to material processing.

CW or pulse regime, from UV to 2 μm, Lea Photonics manufactures high quality air cooled fiber lasers. When consumption is critical, Injection TM technology provides high wall plug efficiency. All Lea Photonics plateformes are user friendly from the benchtop to the module where Pin-in and dimensions are described in our documents. No installation are required for those lasers and amplifiers, but Lea Photonics brign you all advices you migth need for you integration process.

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