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In terms of peak power level, power consumption, and compactness, Keopsys has one of the best offer in the market.

Our pulsed laser are used for time of flight measurements or coherent detection. We also offer continuous narrow linewidth ultra-low noise laser for coherent detection and pollution monitoring. Our highly skilled and educated team will work with you to design custom solution for your next LIDAR generation system.

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From user friendly benchtop to module when space is reduces, our lasers and amplifiers bring you a perfect optical beam.

Benefits all Keopsys quality system, our optical systems do not need any maintenance and are totally air cooled. Covering a wide spectral range from UV, visible, 1 μm, 1.5 μm bands, unique Raman laser wavelength and up to mid IR with our 2 μm amplifier and coming soon laser, the Scientifics products offer CW and pulsed operations. High peak power (100 KW), our pulsed laser sources cover femtosecond to millisecond pulse duration.

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From telemetry to harsh fligth qualified systems applications, Keopsys has an extensive portfolio of monolithic lasers and amplifiers.

Keopsys was one of the first companies to introduce to the defense market such very compact pulsed fiber lasers sensors. Our module plateforms are shockproof and vibration resistant, water immuned. They can operate work in supersonic planes, space, or warship. High peak power, high brigthness and eye safe wavelength operations enable a wide panel of performances . Keopsys, thanks to its innovation policy, provide custom designed solution with high quality.

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